"Almost Blue" Saffron Dark Chocolate Heart - Our Dedication to Chet Baker

Artisan Bleu has been invited to create a special chocolate for the London launch of "Funny Valentine", a biography of Chet Baker, the  legendary jazz trumpet player and singer.

During our research, the author of the book, Matthew Ruddick took us through Chet Baker's story and his music. His talent and look captured the spot light at a very young age, but with the struggle of drugs and alcohol, his career took a deep downward spiral and become almost forgotten. Against all odds, he come back to fame in the '70s. In his music we hear the change in his style from young and sweet to soulful with age. 

With this in mind, we have created a heart-shaped chocolate which is inspired by two of Chet's biggest hits, "Funny Valentine" and "Almost Blue", and by the heartbreaking sorrow in his voice as he aged. We have coloured our chocolate with vibrant silver blue to create a fluid, vintage-chromed look reminiscent of the era of Chet Baker became know as "The James Dean of Jazz". We used a 70% dark chocolate and saffron for the ganache to remind us of the rare talent yet volatile life of Chet Baker.

We hope this chocolate will bring you an extra sensation while listening to his music and reading his biography. 

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