Artisan Bleu's Spring Update

Artisan Bleu had a phenomenal start to 2018, thank you for all the love and support from our friends and clients.

In January, we had a restructure of our company which allowed us more flexibility to focus on product and brand development. Before we even realised, Valentine's Day and Chinese New Year were just around the corner. With great support from our partners, we created a Valentine's Day Collection with the theme 'Love brings our senses to life'. We used 4 distinguished flavours - sweet, sour, bitter and spicy to illustrate our journey of Love - as different dynamic in every relationship. It was a great success, our collection was sold out before Valentine's Day.

Right after Valentine's Day, it was the beginning of Chinese New Year - Year of the Dog. This is a great gifting season for Chinese. In order to bring the lively festive mode, we ordered new red gift boxes for our Signature Blossoms Trio instead of our classic blue. For Chinese, blossoming flowers is a sign of prosperity, our signature flavours of rose, lavender and lemongrass are a perfect match for Chinese New Year gifts. We are very happy many of our clients chose our signature flavours as their CNY gifts to their friends and family because of our high quality and unique flavours.

After our February success, we are now getting onto our Easter preparation. Stay tuned for our Easter Specials.

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