X'mas Sold Out

Artisan Bleu was very proud to join the other 12 labels in Hong Kong at the Boutique X'mas Event "Christmas Fete 2017" featuring the theme of 'Be a Lady this Fall' on Dec 1 - 3 2017. Upon receiving the event brief, we started working hard to create some unique flavors hoping that could ignite our ladies' beautiful memories. It turned out not only our ladies love it, their gents and kids also became our fans!

For the choice of confections, we had chosen chocolate truffles for their rich luxurious textures and flavors. We infused our dark chocolate truffles with rose and lavender and our white chocolate truffles with lemongrass. We also decided to introduce pate de fruits, a 100% vegan friendly confection with unique texture, unlike chewy gummy fruit jelly. Our pate de fruits were made of 100% fresh fruit puree, pectin a natural ingredients found in fruit and sugar. We added basil, elderflower and rose flavor int our our pate de fruits. So on top of the intense fruity flavor pate de fruits are famous for, ours bring an additional layer of fragrance for our guests to enjoy. We were very happy to hear comments that our creation remind them of Summer English Garden with our Rose and Elderflower, beautiful Provence with Lavender or even a relaxation spa in Thailand with our Lemongrass flavor found in our confections.

We had a very successful three day at the event and all our confections were sold out before the finishing bell. We thank Annette Company for organizing this amazing event and also gave us lots of advice in preparing it. We also thank everyone who stopped by our booth and tried our creations. AB will be returning to Hong Kong in January and we hope to bring you new flavors for Chinese New Year and Valentine's Day! Stay Tuned!

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